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We provide special Screwdriver Systems for driving screws for a variety of parts and applications. Our Automatic Screwdriver Systems utilize our standard Automatic Screwdrivers to deliver a quality and economical assembly solution.

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Drill & Screwdriver System

Custom Automatic Screwdriving System for drilling multiple holes and driving self-tapping screws simultaneously.

Drill & Drive Screw
Long Part Handling

LED Assembly Machine

Parts are loaded onto a pallet system. The individual components are taken from the pallet and placed on the dial. Three screws are driven to secure the reflector to the heat sink. A filter is placed on top and four screws are driven from underneath the dial to secure the LED board and filter. Parts are offloaded onto a servo slide. The LEDs are tuned on and the light quality is evaluated. The tested assemblies are offloaded to a conveyor. The load and driving stations are mounted to servo rails to allow for a full range of component sizes.

Rotary Dial
Screwdriving Station

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