Automated Packing, Packaging & Unpackaging

Our Automatic Packaging Systems can be built for manipulating components and placing them into boxes, bags, blister packs and other packaging methods and solutions.

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Fold & Package System

Filter are loaded onto a tray. The filters are folded and pushed into a five (5) level elevator. When the elevator id full all five (5) filters are pushed into a cardboard box. Boxes are offloaded onto a platform.

Design Drawing
Full System

Package Removal System

Packages of syringes are placed into a magazine. A clamping mechanism holds the upper packages while the lowest package is pushed into the staging area. The staging area can also be used for single package loading. A cylinder pushes the package from the staging area under the hold-down mechanism. The hold-down mechanism descends. A blade slices the end of the package and fingers push the syringes into a bin. The remaining package material is diverted into a separate bin. Both bins are accessible from any side of the machine from a lower shelf protected on all sides by light curtains.

Package Removal
Pusher Fingers
Control Box

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