Adhesives, Lubricants & Solvents

Assembly & Automation Technology works with leading fluid handling companies to create Fluid Dispensing Systems for adhesives, seals, lubricants, coating, insulation and a variety of other fluids. Part and dispenser manipulation by rotary, XY, SCARA and 6-Axis robots. Fluid Dispensing Systems can be pre-programed for multiple part styles and sizes with a panel view to adjust adhesive dispensing position, pattern and volume.

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Liquid Adhesive Dispensing System

Custom Liquid Adhesive Dispensing System to automatically dispense liquid adhesive to a part. This machine contains a bar-code reader to read the customer's inventory labels and automatically change the pattern and adjust adhesive volume.

Design Drawing
Dispensing Tip

2-Up Robotic Adhesive Dispensing System

Fixtures are loaded and unloaded in a safe zone with front and back light curtains. The robot picks up fixtures pre-assembled with medical devices and inspects the parts for proper assembly. The robot manipulates the parts for servo-driven adhesive dispensing, curing and fluorescence inspection on three sides. On adhesive replacement, the dispensing needles are aligned using a laser sensor.

A six-axis robot transfers medical parts between adhesive dispensing, curing and vision inspection
Six-Axis Robot
Eight wands cure the adhesive
Adhesive Curing
a vision inspection camera verifies proper assembly and flouresece adhesive curing
Vision Inspection

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